Letter to the Editor

Response to water, sewer bill concerns

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dear Editor:

Mr. Carpenter, I read your article in Friday's paper with much interest. You brought up some very legitimate points and valid questions that the city manager and council need to address. There is another item that could easily fit into your list that should be of concern to the public.

The city has not conducted an audit for the past two years!

An independent annual audit is required by the city charter, but the 2006 and 2007 audits have not been done. I understand that the audit firm is conducting the audits now, but the city owes an explanation to the citizens as to why these audits are long overdue. Normally the final audit reports are presented to council in April or May of each year.

Given the fact that just 2 years ago the city felt it necessary to layoff over 20 employees due to a "budget crisis," I would think that that would make an independent audit even more essential.

Robin Fisher