Tickets from June 12 to 20

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June 12

Vincent L. Jones, Rich Hill, speding 41/30.

Mary J. Warford, Fort Scott, speeding 49/30.

Christian A. Willis, Nevada, failure to maintain lane and driving while intoxicated.

Donna C. Zillner, Chanute, Kan., speeding 55/40.

June 13

Christy L. Johnson, Nevada, expired license plates.

Bea H. Lyda, Bronaugh, expired license plates.

Kenneth D. Zeagler, Nevada, expired license plates and no proof of insurance.

June 14

Zackery L. Markham, Chanute, Kan., operating an ATV on city streets.

Jimmie D. Webb Jr., Nevada, failure to transfer plates, no proof of insurance and seat belt law.

June 15

Howard C. Ashby, Nevada, expired license plates.

Jacob W. Wright, Nevada, expired license plates, failure to register vehicle and borrowed/stolen plates.

June 16

Adam G. Christensen, Nevada, failure to register vehicle and no proof of insurance.

Julie R. Knight, Rich Hill, failure to register vehicle, no proof of insurance and driving while suspended.

June 17

Peter Thomas Barbookles, Harrisonville, Mo., speeding 45/30.

Robert L. Coverdale, Moundville, Mo., failure to signal right turn, failure to stop at stop sign, no proof of insurance and no valid operator's license.

Brandon W. Seyler, Cassville, speeding 42/30.

Patricia L. Colin, Nevada, livestock running at large.

Patrick A. Crews, Nevada, dog running at large.

Sharon Lea Forgey, Nevada, dog running at large.

Brenda A. Gaines, Sheldon, expired license plate.

Amanda L. Molina, Nevada, speeding 56/40.

Katherine M. Penrod, Nevada, dog running at large.

Lula F. Shaw, Bronaugh, speeding 42/30.

Joshua A. Simpson, Nevada, excessive tire noise.

Leeann G. Stone, Nevada, speeding 44/30.

June 18

Tiffany Adams, Nevada, speeding 43/30.

Linda K. Bound, Nevada, seat belt law.

Trevor D. Evans, Aurora, Mo., speeding 43/30.

James G. Everett, Carterville, Mo., speeding 54/40.

Adam R. Meek, Fort Scott, driving while suspended.

June 19

Christopher L. Foster, Butler, Mo., no proof of insurance.

Theodore H. Gurman, Madison, Wis., speeding 50/30.

Cathy R. Johnson, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

James Stevens, Nevada, expired license plates.

June 20

Robert L. Barnard, Nevada, no dog tags and harbouring a vicious animal.

Glenda M. Carlini, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

Brandon Davis, Nevada, trespassing.

Matthew A. Durfee, Rich Hill, no proof of insurance.

Kenneth R. Hill, Nevada, trespassing.

William E. Mills Jr., Nevada, failure to register vehicle.

Cole S. Ogle, Nevada, trespassing.