Tickets from July 3 to July 20

Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 3

Robert D. Shultz, Nevada, animal neglect, abuse and curelty.

July 10

David M. Gard, Sheldon, Mo., petty theft.

July 14

Aaron N. Govoro, Nevada, derelict vehicle.

Michael B. Smith, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

July 15

Bobby J. Allen, Pittsburg, Kan., speeding 42/30.

Peggy L. Pennington, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Christopher G. Posey, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

Robert, Sandavol, Nevada, speeding 40/30 and no proof of insurance.

Terry I. Smith, Nevada, two counts of no dog tags.

Shawnee E. Waldren, Buckner, Mo., speeding 46/30.

July 16

Eddy L. Bond, Nevada, seatbelt law.

Amanda R. Cartwright, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Boa B. Casper, Fort Scott, speeding 46/30.

Justin M. Duncan, Nevada, borrowed/stolen plates, no proof of insurance and expired drivers license.

Jodie R. Eldridge, Waverly, Mo., seatbelt law and no valid operator's license.

Everett J. Morgan, Carthage, Mo., speeding 41/30.

July 17

Patrick L. Johnson, Nevada, dog running at large.

Carla J. Klotz, Butler, Mo., speeding 49/30.

David R. Trobaugh, Carthage, Mo., expired license plate.

July 18

Kia N. Kenney, Nevada, expired license plates.

Todd A. Shrewbury, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

July 19

James L. Cornell Jr., Hamilton, Mo., failure to register vehicle.

Rajah T. Echessa, Springfield, Mo., expired license plates.

Charles C. Lynch III, Nevada, failure to yield right of way.

July 20

Melissa A. Allman, Springfield, Mo. expired license plates.