Letter to the Editor

Thanks for all your support

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thanks for all your support

Dear Editor:

Gracie continues to need support, prayers and financial support. Gracie and I will be going to Ronald McDonald House with in the next week or so. She will be undergoing hyperbaric chamber treatments. It has proven to help the brain cells to reactivate, and gain some recovery to her damaged brain cells.

We will be there for four months straight. The hyperbaric chamber is going to cost at least $40,000 which is not covered by our insurance. If anyone wishes to contibute to her care please donate to Robert and Teresa Spencer, 103 S. 1st, Sheldon, MO 64784, in care of Gracie Spencer, and please continue to pray for Gracie.

Once again thank you to everyone in Vernon County that has prayed and contributed in any way for Gracie. And a special thanks to God and Jesus. Without them she would not be with us today.


Robert and Teresa Spencer and family

Sheldon, Mo.