Tickets from July 23 to Aug. 4

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

July 23

Ruth A. Wilson, Riverside, Mo., speeding 42/30.

July 24

Michael L. Brown, Omaha, Neb., no proof of insurance.

Matthew E. Matt, Ozark, Mo., no valid operator's license.

Diane R. Orr, Nevada, dog running at large and no dog tag.

Courtney L. Page, Nevada, careless and imprudent driving and driving while intoxicated.

Zachary W. Redburn, Harwood, Mo., speeding 45/30.

July 25

Andy E. Kalm, Nevada, no license plates.

July 26

Harvey M. Akins, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Gerald L. Chambers, El Dorado Springs, improper turn.

Adam G. Christensen, Nevada, speeding 52/40.

Dalton L. Clyburn, Piedmont, Mo., speeding 64/40, expired license plates and no proof of insurance.

Joyce L. Haberman, Larned, Kan., failure to maintain lane.

Ronald L. Pool, Paola, Kan., speeding 54/40.

Amy L. Rumfelt, Nevada, no valid operator's license.

Douglas Stangeland, Nevada, no proof of insurance and driving while intoxicated.

July 27

Joe A. Castro, Branson, Mo., no proof of insurance.

Scott D. Heun, Halstead, Kan., speeding 51/40.

Brandi M. Kittowski, Sheldon, no valid operator's license and expired license plates.

Joel I. McKinney, Harwood, Mo., speeding 54/40.

Megan E. Troyer, Fort Scott, Kan., driving while suspended and driving while intoxicated.

Tim Underwood, Nevada, driving while intoxicated.

July 28

Darren W. Dennison, Nevada, speeding 54/40.

Stormy B. Miller, Nevada, no license plates and no proof of insurance.

Jan L. Norman, Scott City, Kan., speeding 64/40.

Daniel C. Seitz, Nevada, expired license plates and no proof of insurance.

July 29

Christa A. Basham, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Mary L. (Woods) Bishop, Moundville, petty theft.

Patsy C. Griffin, Nevada, dog running at large.

Jeremy H. Hale, Jackson, Mo., speeding 42/30.

July 30

Matthew A. Durfee, Rich Hill, driving while intoxicated.

Mary A. Hazelton, El Dorado Springs, Mo., expired license plates.

Shanna W. Turley, Nevada, driving while intoxicated.

July 31

Angela L. Johnson, Appleton City, Mo., speeding 54/30.

Chester A. Kearbey, Nevada, expired license plates.

Shan Q. Lanham, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Aug. 1

Carla M. Drake, Nevada, speeding 44/30.

Nickolas P. Gray, Olathe, Kan., no valid operator's license.

Ira J. Stringer, Fair Play, Mom., speeding 55/40.

Jason L. Thomas, Nevada, dog running at large.

Garry Bradley Williams, Springfield, Mo., speeding 54/40.

Katie L. Young, Lamar, Mo., speeding 50/40.

Aug. 2

Arthur R. Bray, Sheldon, Mo., failure to stop at stop sign, seat belt law and driving while intoxicated.

Eric D. L. Chambers, Springfield, Mo., speeding 43/30.

David T. Gooding, Garnett, Kan., speeding 61/40.

Jeffrey M. Gregory, Springfield, speeding 64/40.

Laura Ruth Lovinger, Nevada, defective equipment.

Alanna C. Mullis, Doniphan, Mo., speeding 62/30.

Debra A. Randall, Nevada, speeding 57/40.

Cassey D. Schmidt, El Dorado Springs, Mo., speeding 55/40.

Linda M. Shoemaker, Osceola, Mo., speeding 53/40.

Charles G. Steele III, Butler, Mo., speeding 53/40.

Aug. 3

Weldon E. Aaron, Wichita, Kan., speeding 42/30.

Melody S. Ast, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

Cindy L. Cain, El Dorado Springs, Mo., speeding 57/40.

Tommy T. Pike Jr., Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

James A. Smith, Andover, Kan., speeding 54/40.

Michael R. Smyths, Foley, Mo., speeding 41/30.

Donald P. Vernon Jr., Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

Rebecca L. Watson, Osawatomie, Kan., speeding 42/30.

Aug. 4

Angelina M. Claypool, Richards, Mo., failure to transfer plates.

Patrick L. Johnson, Nevada, defective vehicle, no brake lights and no license plates. Au