Letter to the Editor

Keough responds to Fisher

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Voters of the 125th District:

I am like Harry Truman, in a response to a constituent who said, "Give them hell Harry." Harry Truman said, "I just tell the truth and they think it's hell."

In response to reporter Steve Moyer's Nevada Daily Mail article 'State Representative Race Heats Up', which came out on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 where it notes radio ads telling listeners to watch their mail for the "whole sad story", which details "a betrayal of the 125th District", Barney and others assumed that Jim and Nancy Wilson's letter was the mail piece that my radio ad was referencing. But, in fact, voters started receiving "the whole sad story" which was MY mailing on Tuesday, October 28, 2008. I think Barney found himself boxing at shadows and responded too early, looking for a sympathetic vote. Barney's financial misfortunes are between him, his family, and God.

I cannot control what other people do. I can only guarantee the voters that it is their freedom of speech and they may do as they wish. They have a right to exercise their freedom of speech. This evidently is an outcry of the constituents when our representative is not listening to them, when they want to know the TRUTH.

In regards to HB2 (3/27/07), Barney claims it was tabled, but in fact he voted against it, before a final vote. In HB 2012 on 5/7/08 he even voted to give himself a 14.6% pay raise. I was told before passing out our legislator's current voting record, which is on the Missouri House of Representatives website, that this paper is NOT a violation because it is public record and comes straight off the website. The "whole sad story" letter had disclosure on it as well as the envelope, which I have also been told, is NOT in violation.

I think it is fair game to pass out what Barney's voting record is and to educate the constituents, by providing for them a method in that whereby they can verify the accuracy of how he has represented us.

It would give the appearance that the Nevada Daily Mail Newspaper/Nevada News, was not impartial. Former Senator Harold Caskey was doing an endorsement ad which I paid for in advance back on Friday, October 24 with the ad to be emailed to them on Monday by 4:00 p.m. to be placed in the Nevada News. But, they would only run it by CHANGING my ad, taking out what they refer to as "negative material" which was referencing Barney's voting record. I, however, was able to purchase additional newspaper ads to run in the future Daily Newspaper. Barney's ally put an ad for Barney in the Nevada News dated 10/22/08 referencing false claims/distortions, but I was not allowed to put our ad in for 10/29/08 as a rebuttal. So let the voters figure it out.

Talk about ethics… Barney has printed on numerous campaign materials as far back as 2006, that Jerry King is his campaign treasurer. Have you seen his material that says: "Paid for by Citizens for Barney Fisher 2008 Jerry King, Treasurer?" Pull out those nail filers and hand fans--and then log on to: www.mec.mo.gov/ethics/campaignfinance and type in Barney Fisher's name. Who is listed as his treasurer??? Now who is in violation of Missouri Ethics?

To the voters of the 125th District, lets just keep focusing on the issues: healthcare, public education, 2nd Amendment rights, and let me keep focusing on putting working families first. I appreciate all the wonderful support, phone calls, and emails of encouragement this past week. I have had many constituents calling wanting BIG CARLA SIGNS!! Get out and vote CARLA KEOUGH on November 4th.

Thank you and see you at the polls!!

Carla Nitsche-Keough