Tickets from Oct. 23-27

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oct. 23

Welton R. Burney, Schell City, Mo., no proof of insurancec.

Ashley N. Gage, Nevada, two counts of dog running at large.

Tyler A. Judah, Hume, Mo., defective equipment, and no valid operator's license.

James D. Loyd, Nevada, driving while revoked, and driving while intoxicated.

Shawn Terry, Hume, Mo., no proof of insurance and driving while suspended.

Oct. 24

Randy T. Boyd, Nevvada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

Jim L. Earnest, Nevada, expired license plates.

April R. Hancock, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

John L. Jenkins Jr., Nevada, failure to yield right of way.

Michael E. Meyer, Nevada, expired license plates.

Oct. 25

Alen Arauso, Sheldon, expired license plates.

Bradley W.N. Burnett, Nevada, no valid operator's license, and careless and imprudent driving.

Robert W. Chapman, Nevada, expired license plates.

Jeffrey P. Ring, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Kim D. Shay, Nevada, no valid operator's license.

Jody D. Smith, Carthage, Mo., no proof of insurance and following too closely.

Donald J. Vaughn, Nevada, expired license plates.

Oct. 26

Roberta C. Bailey, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Ronald C. Kurdi, Nevada, petty theft.

Courtney L. Page, Nevada, driving while intoxicated, impeding traffic, and driving while suspended.

Booker T. Whitfield, Tulsa, Okla., driving while suspended.

Oct. 27

Toma Renee Campbell, Nevada, speeding 28/15.

Michael B. Bushleff, Nevada, driving while intoxicated, and borrowed/stolen plates.

Tina M. Ortmann, Rich Hill, speeding 29/15

Glenda K. Piatt, Nevada, expired license plates.