Tickets from March 5 to 14

Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 5

Tina L. Case, Sheldon, driving while intoxicated.

March 9

Deborah A. Walker, Nevada, speeding 25/15.

John J. Woronka, Auburn, N.H., failure to stop at a stop sign, and no proof of insurance.

March 10

Janice K. Almquist, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Lisa J. Armstrong, Nevada, speeding 26/15.

Brian T. Bolin Jr., El Dorado Springs, speeding 41/30, and driving while suspended.

Albert C. Cooey, Jerico Springs, Mo., speeding 44/30.

Ryan B. Covington, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

Ronald C. Kurdi, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

March 11

Blake M. Cooke, Nevada, no valid operator's license.

Tyler Cully, Stockton, Mo., speeding 42/30.

Stephen V. Foster, Webb City, speeding 40/30.

Jenna R. Weston, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

March 12

Benjamin A. Brundage, Lucerne, Mo., speeding 42/30.

Karen S. Byram, Rich Hill, speeding 40/30, and no proof of insurance.

James M. Harman, Anchorage, Ala., failure to stop at a stop sign.

Cori M. Hendrix, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Debra K. Johnson, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

March 14

Brian L. Brokaw, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Gerald S. Cole, El Dorado Springs, speeding 45/30.

Andrwe G. Fritts, Nevada, defective equipment.

Bobby L. Holman, Berryville, Ark., speeding 45/30.

James M. Keightley, Walker, expired license plates.

Robert S. Lefevre, Bronaugh, failure to stop at a stop sign.

Jered E. Moore, Nevada, driving while suspended, and failure to register a vehicle, and no proof of insurance.

Jordan L. O'Neil, Nevada, expired license plates.

Jennifer M. Register, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Michael A. Shields, Hermitage, Mo., wrong way on one way street.

Daryl B. Snead, Nevada, speeding 44/30.

Charles W. Thomas, Milo, failure to signal.

William P. Toll, Ozark, Mo., speeding 40/30, and seat belt law.

Joseph M. Yoakum, Sheldon, failure to signal.