Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've noticed as the years go by that choices are sometimes forced upon us. Economics, health changes, all of it comes down to choices. It's human nature, oftentimes, to resist changes. We don't want to give things up. We don't want to trust, to change our lifestyle, to cut our expenses. We see these all as bad things forced upon us.

We say, "I have to exercise. I have to stop eating so much cake. I have to meet a deadline. I have to deal with my health. I have to clean the house. I have to find a way to spend less."

But what if we thought of them as choices? What if we choose something different because that's what's good for us? I for one hate to settle for second best. Or third best. You get the picture.

In a time when it seems our choices are limited, the truth is that while the choices available may have changed our ability to choose has not.

I have a friend who often expresses a desire to eat a healthier diet, but when it comes to choosing to do so, he almost always chooses -- well, generally the less healthy of the choices available to him. He's exercising his right to choose -- but which choice does he see as a positive one?

I've come to realize that doesn't mean we have to choose to "settle" for less. We only have to choose the best thing for us, right now, today, and in the days to come. It's quite liberating, if you think about it.

What if we CHOOSE second best, because that's what best fits our needs right now? What if we CHOOSE a different entree, because that will help us get to our goal of better health? What if we CHOOSE to pay off a credit card, because that will help us, economically, later on?

What if we CHOOSE to have fun by playing a game with the kids, instead of well, whatever else we would be doing? What if we CHOOSE to invest time in our relationships, instead of whatever it is that's taking time away from what's really important? What if we CHOOSE to see what's great about the community, instead of choosing to see what's not?

It's all about choices.

We can choose to be angry about the trials we face, or we can choose to learn something from them, and use them to get to a brighter future.

If we do this, we will never be setting for something less than what we have today. We will be choosing a happier today and a brighter tomorrow.

It's your choice.