Letter to the Editor

Advocating abstinence

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Since no Congress, president, or court will ever ever succeed in overturning Roe vs. Wade, we must take it into our own hands to rid the nation of abortion. It no longer matters who you vote for (I voted for a pro choice candidate for President in 2008); it can be done by us. Americans have rid themselves of problems before and they can do it again. Here is how.

1. Practice absistence and encourage absistence for our kids, grandchildren, and others who are vulnerable. There are more things for a couple to do then procreate.

Golfing, tennis, church, school, and club activities, bowling, fishing, hunting, etc. Procreation is meant to be done after one is married.

2. Make sure you are ready to bring a life into this world. Not just financially, but emotionally, mentally, physically, academically. Before you bring a baby into this world, ask yourself are you ready? It takes maturity to be a parent and even older parents make their fair share of mistakes.

3. Adoption. If you do err and bring about an unwanted child, there are hundreds of thousands of people out there waiting to adopt. Don't abort, adopt. You can even have an open adoption where you can visit the child or write her letters and send her cards.

4. This is a new one, at least for me to advocate. STOP BLAMING THE YOUNG WOMAN AS IF SHE DID IT HERSELF. It takes two to bring a child into this world. It is in one body, but two people brought it about. Let the young men know it is their fault too. Cast blame gently. Firmly, but gently. You may only create a bigger problem by being mean spirited. But BOTH PARTIES ARE AT FAULT.

ALL WE have to do is follow the above steps/rules and we can rid our country of the problem of abortion no matter who sits in the White House or on the Supreme Court. The time is now to act: abstain, be prepared for parenting, adopt if you make a mistake, and put the blame on both the man and the woman. Let's try it.

David Shipp