Letter to the Editor

Littering the roads

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear Editor,

I have lived in your area now about one year. Never have I seen such rampant littering along the roadsides.

While walking along the road that runs just west of town from Noah to Mission, I counted four large gallon size empty bottles of Jim Beam, and one smaller one. Various beer bottles, cans and soft drink containers.

Someone who travels these roads has a serious drinking problem. If the police can lay in wait for easy to catch speeders why can't they exert a little energy on these folks who are drinking and driving, and then littering the roads with their garbage. Our rural ditches are a disgrace, some one threw their entire McDonalds bag, drink cups, etc., out near the cemetery across from the YMCA.

I half way understand a drunk not being able to wait to get home and not wanting to get caught with the bottle in his car. But how can anyone explain the lazy, inconsiderate, thoughtless, person who can't take their McDonalds wrappers and sack home. They are going home anyway. What kind of a person does this?

Patricia Perkins