Tickets April 7-8

Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 7

Brian Burlingame, Nevada, speeding 27/15.

Dwain M. Francis, Richards, expired license plates.

Pamela Jo Quinley, Nevada, expired driver's license.

Judith R. Russell, El Dorado Springs, failure to stop at a stop sign and no proof of insurance.

April 8

Andrew R. Anderson, El Dorado Springs, speeding 42/30.

Lesley W. Chiasson, Nevada, expired license plates, and seat belt law.

Transon L. Davis, Schell City, driving while revoked, expired license plates, no proof of insurance and borrowed/stolen plates.

Michael T. Denney, Sheldon, seat belt law.

Raeven B. Eads, Sheldon, seat belt law.