Tickets April 27-May 3

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

April 27

Zachery K. Brown, Nevada, inproperly displaying license plates, borrowed/stolen plates, and no proof of inusrnace.

Elisa M. Sanchez, Kingsville, Texas, failure to obey police officer.

April 28

James D. Adams, Sheldon, expired license plates..

Michael Boyd, Nevada, derelict vehicle.

Matthew K. Mock, Milo, seat belt law.

Alyssa N. Shinn, El Dorado Springs, expired license plates.

April 29

Shula Banfield, Nevada, speeding 60/40.

Charles Hart, Nevada, expired license plates, and no proof of insurance.

April 30

Robert N. Duckworth, Warsaw, Mo., expired license plates.

Carrie L. Green, Nevada, expired license plates.

Lora M. Hill, Nevada, no proof of insurance, and failure to transfer plates.

Robert Sandoval, Nevada, dog running at large.

May 1

Corey W. Baker, Sheldon, seat belt law.

Russell W. Fanning, Nevada, expired license plates.

Karl L. Lehmann, Nevada, seat belt law.

Terrence A. Maughan, Schell City, speeding 51/40.

Gilbert G. Patrick, Nevada, driving while suspended, and no proor of insurance.

Randell Rogers, Nevada, no Helmet.

Tracy D. Stone, Nevada, petty theft.

Clarence S. Williams, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

May 2

Ashley N. Gage, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Mary E. Landmark, Evansville, Ind., speeding 42/30.

Ashley M. McKinney, Nevada, failure to maintain lane.

David W. Miller Jr., Nevada, driving while revoked, and seat belt law.

Jeramiah L. Young, Baldwin, Kan., speeding 43/30.

May 3

Timara S. Beck, Nevada, expired license plates.

Garrett W.S. Bird, Nevada, speeding 43/30.

Carla J. Bishop, Nevada, expired license plates, seat belt law.

Clifford J. Cartwright Jr., Nevada, speeding 49/30.

Kimberly A. Maus, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Annette M. Webb, Nevada, failure to maintain lane, driving while intoxicated.

Lawrence Jefferey Burns, Nevada, dog running at large, no dog tag.

Aaron G. Dahmer, Nevada, seat belt law, and failure to transfer plates.

William L. Hayes, Nevada, derelict vehicle.

Brandon J. Layton, Perryville, Mo., speeding 53/40.

Geraldine L. Ogle, Nevada, improper lane change.

Justin Swager, El Dorado Springs, no proof of insurance.