Snead -- 50 years

Saturday, June 6, 2009
Kenneth and Carol Phillips Sneed

Kenneth and Carol Phillips Sneed, of Sheldon, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, May 31, 2009, with a family dinner at the home of her sister, Eva Robb.

The Sneeds were married at Port Chicago, Calif., lived in California a few years, before moving to Missouri to farm.

The couple have two children, Eric Sneed, of Sheldon, and Susan Sneed Horace, of St. Charles, Mo.; and two grandchildren, Dominic and Dontae Horace, of St. Charles.

Attending the celebration dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Inn Park, Nevada; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bogart and Mason, of Sheldon; Dorothy McCoy, of Arkansas; Robert Sneed, of Nevada; Taleah Clark, of Sheldon; Eric Sneed, of Sheldon; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Matthew, of Sheldon; Mr. and Mrs. David Selson, of Nevada; LaDora Mead, Marilyn Stout, Samanthe Stout and Bambi, of Nevada; Earl Sneed, of Sheldon; Mr. and Mrs. Bo Bogart, Matt, Leah, Aiden, Madyson, Avery and Shon, of Sheldon.