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Performing arts -- a legacy of excellence

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There are many great things in this community that are often taken for granted. They do not just happen, they happen because of concerned citizens who make them happen, often over several years. One of these is the Community Council on the Performing Arts and their fine performances at the Fox Playhouse. I am impressed every time I go to one of the performances.

I am not one who can write a review of a performance. Each time there is a performance a review is published in the Nevada Daily Mail. Last week there was a review of the performance of "Cheaper by the Dozen" describing what you can expect to see by attending the performance. The performance received a good review and I had heard good things about the play.

Sunday afternoon I had the opportunity to observe the final performance of the CCPA's first production of the season. I was highly impressed by the cast of characters and their good performance. The director for the play was Tony Wagner.

The leading character for the play was to be Mike Womack playing Mr. Gilbreth. Unfortunately, due to an emergency in the family Mike was not available to perform. This was not known by those involved with the production until about two hours before the play. Tony stepped in and substituted for Mike and the show went on. Tony performed a dual role, being a character in the play and being the director. I was impressed by how well he handled the dual role. He performed well as did the entire cast.

It was good to see the cast performing in such a great manner. It provided a good experience for all involved, especially for the young children.

Regardless of the production, the performers have a great amount of time and energy invested in the three or four performances. Plus, all the practices they have. I often wonder how they do it. Many of these are not one time performers, but have appeared in past productions and will be performing again in the future -- if not for the CCPA, perhaps somewhere else.

I am impressed each time with the staging. Those working to prepare the stage put forth a lot of effort and talent. There are also those who are involved with the costumes. There are many others involved in different ways, working in the background, including selling the refreshments, selling tickets and many other ways. Do not forget, someone has to clean the place up after each and every performance. This is not easy, but an important part.

A big factor in the organization is the board, with their planning and implementation. They are performing a valuable service for the entire community.

Certainly, what the CCPA does is a cultural enrichment for our community. The Community Council on the Performing Arts Mission Statement is: "The Community Council on the Performing Arts is dedicated to providing an outlet for community involvement, while seeking to produce quality entertainment. Our focus is on inclusion and quality, giving the public a well-balanced theatrical experience, and striving to meet with excellence all of the demands placed on a community theater."

A statement made by Linda E. Davidson as a portion of her message in the program booklet included, "Every time I walk into the Fox Playhouse, I am overwhelmed by how fortunate we as a community are. Not only do we have a magnificent theatre where our local talent can shine but we have a legacy of excellence. It is a legacy built on quality entertainment, tireless efforts of our dedicated volunteers, and the generosity of our sponsors, patrons, and benefactors. I want to personally extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you for your continued generosity." This statement by Linda represents the thoughts of many others within the community.

The CCPA board members are: Linda Davidson, president, Carol Branham, co-vice-president, Kenny Jones, co-vice-president, Rhonda Farmer, secretary, Renda Armstrong, treasurer, Anne Bunton, Linda Coonrod, Diane Milbauer, and Tom Schmidt. The CCPA Website is www.nevadamoccpa.org.

Sunday afternoon was the final performance at the Fox Theatre of "Cheaper by the Dozen." It is a custom for family members and friends to present a bouquet of flowers to the performers and others. Sunday I saw some bouquet of flowers. I think it is a great gesture and was pleased that it was being done, the recipients well deserved them.

It is my opinion that the CCPA and what they represent is great for the community. The cast and all of the others that make up the CCPA and their productions are all deserving of a bouquet of four leaf clovers.

Leonard Ernsbarger
Leonard At Large