Tickets Nov. 1-4

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nov. 1

Jason M. Balzer, Nevada, speeding 45/30 and failure to transfer plates.

Samantha R. Beisley, Harwood, speeding 51/40.

Joshua W. Goodwin, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Chad M. Marushin, Nevada, no headlights.

William C. Proctor, Conway, Ark., speeding 50/40.

Nov. 2

Virgile E. Flagor, Sheldon, expired license plates, no proof of insurance and borrowed/stolen plates.

Gordon W. Halcomb, Nevada, speeding 48/30.

Chavez M. Martinez, Nevada, speeding 41/30 and no proof of insurance.

Lindsey R. Spitler, Butler, borrowed/stolen plates, speeding 44/30 and failure to register vehicle.

Nov. 3

Dennis R. Kester Jr., Pittsburg, Kan., no license plates.

Nov. 4

Anna M. Northrup, Nevada, no proof of inusrance and driving while suspended.

John S. Pippin, Nevada, failure to transfer plates and driving while suspended.