Tickets Nov. 18-Dec. 1

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nov. 18

Benjamin I. Welborn, El Dorado Springs, speeding 42/30 and seat belt law.

Nov. 19

Afton D. Baldwin, Nevada, speeding 27/15.

Amy D. Beverley, Nevada, speeding 27/15.

Michael J. Brown, El Dorado Springs, failure to stop at a stop sign and expired driver's license.

Dylan T.J. Dorman, Hume, speeding 28/15.

Tisha L. Foster, Schell City, driving while suspended.

Jefferson E. Nelson, Ava, Mo., speeding 51/40.

Nov. 20

David T. Klein, Fort Scott, expired license plates.

Nov. 21

Timara S. Beck, Nevada, driving while suspended.

Garrett W.S. Bird, Nevada, minor in possession of alcohol and driving while intoxicated.

Jeffrey Scott Diehl, Rich Hill, driving while intoxicated.

Nov. 22

Linda K. Bound, Nevada, depositing litter on occupied private property.

Christina S. Moss, Nevada, disorderly conduct.

Peggy Ann D. Swopes, Nevada, no license plates.

Nov. 23

Blaine E. Gibbs, Nevada, expired license plates.

Adam H. Howell, El Dorado Springs, petty theft.

Paul T. Meyer, Sheldon, no license plates on trailer.

Kizzi C. Pace, Nevada, interference with an officer and disorderly conduct.

Lorie A. Pike, Nevada, dog running at large and two counts of no dog tags.

Robin Williams, Marietta, Ga., no valid operator's license.

Nov. 24

Lorie A. Pike, Nevada, dog running at large.

Nov. 25

Brett A. Abbott, Nevada, expired license plates and no proof of insurance.

Nov. 26

Joann Keith, El Dorado Springs, expired license plates and no proof of insurance.

Tarah L. Likes, Nevada, driving while suspended.

Nov. 27

Abigale L. Fletchall, Nevada, expired operator's license.

Monica Householder, Bronaugh, failure to stop at a stop sign.

James D. Register, Nevada, driving while suspended.

Bryan K. Shepherd, Nevada, no valid operator's license.

Greogry S. Walker, Nevada, expired license plates.

Nov. 28

Darcey M. Cable, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign and no proof of insurance.

Jerald D. Crews, Nevada, expired license plates.

Jacob P. Fisher, Nevada, petty theft.

Robert P. Foster, Darby, Mont., expired license plates.

Jessica R. Leer, Nevada, driving while suspended.

Samuel E. McCleskey, Anderson, Mo., speeding 45/30.

Dillon L. Reed, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Timothy E. Whitworth, Nevada, speeding 40/30, driving while intoxicated and no proof of insurance.

Nov. 29

Austin R. DeBrine, Nevada, driving while intoxicated.

Christopher L. Griggs, Nevada, speeding 44/30.

Paul Knight, Hartsburg, Mo., seat belt law and no proof of insurance.

Nov. 30

Bryce P. Ledbetter, Nevada, speeding 44/30 and seat belt law.

Kirk J. Newcomb, Nevada, no valid operator's license and seat belt law.

Dec. 1

Logan R. Casey, Pleasanton, Kan., speeding 40/30.

Travis W. Thomas, Hume, failure to stop at a stop sign.