Tickets Jan. 13-28

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jan. 13

Glenda K. Piatt, Nevada, no dog tag and no rabies vaccination.

Jan. 19

Ashton J. Finley, Nevada, petty theft.

Joshua D. Hostetter, Nevada, petty theft.

Jan. 25

Edward L. Hallam, Nevada, driving while suspended and no proof of insurance.

Donna M. Kenney, Nevada, window tint at 19 percent.

Kerry L. Miller, Schell City, failure to register and failure to transfer plates.

Sue E. Novak, Nevada, expired license plates.

Jan. 26

Carol E. Brundridge, Nevada, speeding 33/15.

Robert P. Dingus, Richmond, Mo., speeding 47/30.

Amanda S. George, Nevada, failure to register.

Joseph Raymond Kimmell, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

William L. King, Nevada, failure to yield for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Melissa M. Lane, Nevada, expired license plates and driving while suspended.

Donald R. McQueen, Nevada, speeding 47/30.

Daniel R. Righter, Nevada, speeding 25/15.

Jan. 27

Edward Bures, Nevada, expired license plates.

Megan S. Calvin, Carthage, speeding 52/40.

Michael J. Collins, Richards, no proof of insurance.

Jason E. Daniels, Nevada, expired license plates and no proof of insurance.

Janice E. Holley, Schell City, expired license plates.

Julia N. Rodick, Nevada, speeding 32/15.

Lacie L. Schnedler, Nevada, no valid operator's license.

Jan. 28

Ryan S. Coon, Fort Scott, expired license plate.

Paulette F. Lechman, Nevada, derelict vehicle.

Michael J. Markus, Sheldon, failure to stop at a stop sign and no proof of insurance.

John M. Moss Jr., Walker, speeding 25/15.