Tickets March 2-7

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 2

Anna M. Bagby, El Dorado Springs, expired license plates.

Jewel C. Barker, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Jeffrey A. Bishop, Nevada, failure to transfer plates, no proof of insurance, driving while suspended and driving while intoxicated.

Ryan S. Carter, Holden, Mo., no valid operator's license.

Nicholas Compton, Ozark, Mo., driving while intoxicated.

George E. Hudiburg, Fort Scott, failure to yield right of way.

Nancy M. Quick, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Brittany K. Scholes, Weaubleau, Mo., speeding 40/30 and no proof of insurance.

March 3

Deanna R. Blythe, Cherokee, Kan., speeding 32/15.

Michael J. Bolan II, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Emma Lou Conner, Nevada, speeding 40/30 and no proof of insurance.

James R. Haverkamp, El Dorado Springs, expired license plates and failure to transfer plates.

Mark A. McMasters, Stockton, Mo., speeding 53/40.

Gregory M. Roberts, Milo, no license plates light and driving while revoked.

Michael A. Sale, Nevada, defective equipment, driving while revoked and no proof of insurance.

Jason D. Simrell, Walker, speeding 52/30.

Zackary N. Smith, Nevada, expired license plates.

Jessie R. Starlin, Milo, speeding 41/30.

Jeremy M. Tittle, El Dorado Springs, speeding 41/30 and failure to dim lights.

Joseph W. Turner, Appleton City, Mo., speeding 28/15.

Daniel R. Winter, Wichita, Kan., speeding 25/15.

Arthur L. Woods, Bolivar, Mo., speeding 52/40.

March 4

Darci O. Ashby, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Connie S. Chambers, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Jeannette Doty, Rich Hill, speeding 41/30.

Betty M. Fitzwater, Lamar, leaving the scene of an accident.

Dena S. Hammett, Bronaugh, driving while revoked.

Kayla D. Jenkins, Moundville, speeding 43/30.

Charlotte T. Pennington, Kansas City, Mo., speeding 56/30 and failure to register vehicle.

Nichole E. Reasoner, Milo, speeding 43/30.

Linda L. Sands, Nevada, speeding 52/40.

Margaret M. Weddle, Fort Scott, speeding 40/30.

March 5

Ricky A. Alsup, Nevada, expired license plates.

Matthew R. Hoover, El Dorado Springs, impeding flow of traffic.

Ben W. Madison, Caulfield, Mo., expired license plates and seat belt law.

Jason Len Meisenheimer, Nevada, failure to signal right turn and driving while intoxicated.

Magdalene A. Thomas, Austin, Texas, speeding 42/30.

March 6

Samantha M. Breckenridge, Appleton City, Mo., speeding 41/30.

Mary K. Cameron, Joplin, failure to stop at a stop light.

Tanden R. Mason, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Patricia Denise Miller, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

James D. Prine, Nevada, failure to maintain lane and driving while intoxicated.

Cory A. Steele, Nevada, no headlights.

Mindy M. Warner, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

March 7

Misty R. Desper, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Stephanie J. Kirkham, Springfield, Mo., expired license plates.

Austin G. Parker, Cortland, N.Y., driving while revoked.

Tarah L. Stroud-Likes, Nevada, speeding 41/30, driving while revoked and driving while intoxicated.