Tickets March 12-15

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 12

Taylor R. Ast, Walker, expired license plates.

Timothy Bradford, Carterville, Mo., speeding 40/30.

John D. Braucher, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Kaleb E. Claypool, Nevada, speeding 46/30.

Noah R. Colopy, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Taylor M. Gower, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

John M. Lawson, Kansas City, Mo., speeding 43/30.

Tarah L. (Stroud) Likes, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Phillip R. Lovell, Nevada, faillure to maintain lane, driving while revoked, driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

Cassidy D. Lowery, Nevada, speeding 43/30.

Zachary A. Meyer, Nevada, minor in possession of alcohol.

Jayne A. Novak, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Steven M. Palmer, Nevada, no valid operator's licnse, minor in possession of alcohol and careless and imprudent driving.

Ritchie E. Stanfield, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Ryan T. Vickers, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Jerry Dean Wheeler, Nevada, resisting arrest.

March 13

Delayne K. Hasagen, El Dorado Springs, no proof of insurance.

Adrien K. McFrederick, Hume, failure to maintain lane and driving while intoxicated.

James R. Reasoner, El Dorado Springs, speeding 50/40.

Amanda N. Salmon, Moundville, failure to maintain lane.

Dallas E.S. Stanart, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Raul Totozintel-xiqui, Chicago, Ill., speeding 53/40.

Charles E. Turner, Nevada, speeding 50/40.

March 14

Sarah M. Plaster, Nevada, careless and imprudent driving.

Cody L. Rhuems, Girard, Kan., speeding 54/40.

Lance P. Tipton, Nevada, expired license plates.

March 15

Joseph T. Dodd, Sylvania, Ohio, speeding 43/30.

Kevin D. Henry Jr., Moundville, Mo., no license plates, no proof of insurance, and no valid operator's license.

Kerry L. Miller, Camdenton, Mo., no proof of insurance and failure to maintain plates.

Janet S. Mills, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

Brendan S. Moreland, Nevada, driving while suspended and no proof of insurance.

Ruth A. Morris, Wheatland, Mo., speeding 42/30.

Eric D. Poythress, Jackson, Mo., speeding 41/30.

Kelly W. Scott, Walker, expired license plates.

Reed A. Slates, Nevada, no proof of insurance and driving while suspended.

Cory J. Stevens, Springfield, seat belt law.

James L. Stone, Nevada, no proof of insurance.