Letter to the Editor

Vote yes on Proposition S -- NEVC deserves a new facility

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear editor,

I am a concerned citizen of the NEVC R-1 School District. It seems that we, as citizens and taxpayers, are once again being asked to come up with funds through taxation to improve our school system. That is the blunt and the blind statement of what we are being asked to do.

Blunt: Yes, a higher tax; Blind: It's grossly not that simple.

We will pay a school tax no matter where we live. Several neighboring school systems already have a higher tax than we do; we as citizens of NEVC have been fortunate for many years. NEVC has always provided quality education. Yet, very few people hear of NEVC's accomplishments because our newspapers and radio transmission come from areas in other school systems. Reporting of their schools accomplishments are prominent. Other school systems' businesses are expected to buy advertising to deserve reporting or air time. Therefore, NEVC's accomplishments are rarely heard, even in our own communities.

Fortunately there is the Internet. NEVC has a Web site: www.nevcknights.org. It provides information on many accomplishments that reveal NEVC as a great place to grow, mature, and prepare for life. For example: Future Business Leaders of America, is a national organization with competitions in various aspects of business. The competitions are not segregated by size. All class distinctions compete as one -- regardless of the size of the school. This year, Taylor Ast and Spencer Hoagland each won first place in their field of competition at the district competition and will soon compete at the state level. Spencer also finished second place in another field of competition. In addition, James Manes also qualified to compete at state. Over the last few years, the two girls have won first place at the national level. Please note this is a national competition of all school class levels -- not just "big" schools.

Another great accomplishment of NEVC that probably best shows its quality and worthiness is 417 Magazine's, www.417mag.com, feature article. This professional journal researched all the schools in class 1A and 2A in the 417 area code to grade each on preparing students to gain admittance to, and succeed in college. They used five factors to grade each school. They are: 1. the number of advanced placement classes offered; 2. the number of dollars spent per student; 3. student/teacher ratio; 4. graduation rate and 5. the percentage of students who go on to college.

Of all the schools in class 1A and 2A in the 417 area, NEVC ranked second. Yes, NEVC better prepares its students for college than all but one of the other schools. They accomplish this by a great teaching staff, a great administrative body and a great student body, and all at the lowest tax rate in the area.

The NEVC school system deserves the respect of a new school facility. Now is the best time. Any financial advisor will advise to invest when the market is low. That is now. There has not been a better opportunity to invest. The interest rate is low; the construction competition creates the lowest construction costs, and other government stimulus money that will not be available any other time. This is an opportunity to invest in our own community, not someone else's; invest in our fellow citizens, not someone else's; invest in our own livelihood -- the more the school prospers, the more we all prosper as citizens of the NEVC School District.

The NEVC administration will be glad to answer any questions, or give tours of the current school buildings and show the need. Wake up citizens of the NEVC district! The best time is now. Vote YES on Proposition S!

Grady Davis

Citizen of NEVC District