Letter to the Editor

NEVC teachers support building a new school for student safety

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Editor,

We, the NEVC Community Teacher's Association, wish to announce our support of Proposition S. You may have recently heard, or read, that building a new school for the students of Northeast Vernon County will delay or further hinder raises in teacher salaries.

Let it be known that the NEVC CTA believes that the safety of our students comes first. We are confident in our salaries and the future of our district to support teacher pay. We are committed to quality education in a safe and economically efficient building. The quality education is being provided as determined by the Missouri Department of Education with a 12 out of 14 Annual Performance Report rating. What we need is the safe and economically efficient building.

The students of Northeast Vernon County deserve to go to school where temperature control and safety are not a factor in their ability to learn. As teachers, we know that technology is the key to the future for our students. Our ancient buildings are not capable of supporting the needed technology. With the savings in energy costs our district might just be able to provide that technology.

Let's give our students what they need to be competitive, productive, and successful citizens. If we build it, not only will the students come, so will economic growth and a stronger community. The NEVC Community Teacher's Association encourages you to vote YES on Proposition S.



Betsy Foreman, Secretary