Tickets April 13-May 25

Thursday, June 3, 2010

April 13

Danita K. Bright, Nevada, petty theft.

May 13

Linda K. Bound, Nevada, deposit excrement in an unsanitary manner.

May 14

Emily J. Ogle, Nevada, excessive tire noise.

May 18

Kenneth M. Anderson, Nevada, dog running at large, failure to maintain lane, driving while intoxicated and driving while revoked.

James J. Barker, Nevada, excessive vehicle noise (stereo).

Tyler J. Edwards, Nevada, improper backing.

Mercedes Pierce, Nevada, driving while suspended.

Brenda S. Sale, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Sandy Stevenson, Nevada, no proof of insurance and improper lane change.

May 19

Kyle M. Blanchard, Lamar, window tint.

Joy E. Higgins, Richards, failure to maintain lane and no valid operator's license.

Winter R. Mason, Nevada, expired license plates, borrowed/stolen plates and driving while suspended.

Kimberly L. Massengill, El Dorado Springs, window tint.

Cody D. Reed, Nevada, driving while intoxicated.

Paige L. Stewart, Nevada, failure to keep right and Missouri resident with out of state operator's license.

May 20

Troy L. Bugg, Bronaugh, no proof of insurance.

Matthew W. Day, Nevada, expired license plates, no proof of insurance and seat belt law.

Anthony R. Gardiner, Nevada, failure to transfer plates.

Sara A. Thompson, Nevada, window tint.

May 21

Bryan A. Adams, El Dorado Springs, speeding 40/30.

Tristan D. Claypool, Nevada, window tint.

Nancy C. Crawford, Nevada, expired license plates.

Steven J. Drake, Nevada, failure to signal and driving while intoxicated.

Amy Howell, Nevada, dog running at large and no dog tag.

Mary A. Keels, Neosho, speeding 55/40.

Patrick J. O'Malley, El Dorado Springs, trespassing.

Jerry D. Sanderson, Nevada, window tint.

May 22

Melissa A. Allman, Nevada, speeding 50/40 and driving while suspended.

Brittany A. Danner, Sheldon, failure to register vehicle.

Lynsay N. Farmer, Nevada, excessive window tint and no proof of insurance.

John D. Howell Jr., Nevada, failure to signal.

Denise L. Moss, Walker, speeding 48/30.

Megan L. Newton, Nevada, window tint.

Derek Tumbleson, Nevada, excessive vehicle noise (stereo).

May 23

Joshua D. Hostetter, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Jordan M. Leininger, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Ronald L. Rackers, Diamond, Mo., speeding 40/30.

Todd A. Trammell, Arcadia, Kan., speeding 42/30.

Jerry Dean Wheeler, Nevada, driving while intoxicated.

May 24

Carla M. Drake, Nevada, sale of alcohol to a minor.

Kevin D. Jones, Milo, trespassing and peeping Tom.

Richard M. Schultz, Nevada, failure to transfer plates, driving while revoked and driving while intoxicated.

May 25

Daniel C. Allen, Tulsa, Okla., excessive vehicle noise (stereo) and no valid operator's license.

Ronald A. Cargill, Nevada, expired license plates.

Kami S. Enochos, Nevada, no license plates light.

Joshua H. Jenkins, Orrick, Mo., expired license plates.

Matthew R. King, Marionville, speeding 42/30.

John M. Pennington, Harwood, speeding 40/30.

Jason J. Zupan, Nevada, excessive window tint.