Letter to the Editor

Our Heritage

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Editor:

I'm proud of the American heritage that has been handed down through generations of free Americans to all of us. But, with the freedoms and choices to live our lives as we see fit comes a responsibility. That responsibility is to protect our freedoms, our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, and to leave this country with more opportunity, not less, for future Americans.

Think about this when electing your next representatives. Ask yourself if they possess common sense, honor. and integrity. Are they proud of our flag and what she stands for? Do they respect our founding documents, or do they just say they do? Some of our elected officials have a tendency to deliver great speeches, but their actions fail to follow their words. When a liberal progressive speaks about freedom and liberty, they should start off with "Once upon a time," for their actions indicate that they don't really believe in these founding principles. They appear to have one purpose: to destroy America and her freedoms.

I'm not sure there has ever been an election with more significance than the one we face in November. The future of America lies in the balance of this election. This election is not about Democrats, Republicans, or other political affiliations. It's about protecting our liberty and freedoms. The alternative is slavery to a government that will rule over the people with tyranny and contempt for freedom. That's not much of a choice. On one side you have Americans who believe in our heritage and "Old Glory." On the other side you have liberal progressives. You will find them in the House of Representatives, the U. S. Senate, and scurrying about the White House trying to nationalize another part of America. Make no doubt about it, we have to vote them out of office wherever we find them for they are out to destroy America as we know it.

This is a call to every American who values their freedoms to go to the polls and vote. Let's post a victory for America in November.

David Farthing

Olpe, Kan.