Letter response was to Greg, not Doug Wortman

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Despite the best efforts of the Nevada Daily Mail and Doug Wortman to keep down confusion about the NEVC school issue and Greg Wortman's, not Doug's, active involvement in discussing the issue, the Nevada Daily Mail inadvertently added to the confusion by titling a letter to the editor responding to Greg Wortman's prior letter as a "Response to Doug Wortman's letter."

For clarity's sake, it's important to note that this was an error on the part of the Nevada Daily Mail, and that Doug Wortman has written no letters to the editor and is in no way taking a side on this matter. Don't be confused. This was a response to Greg Wortman's letter and, in fact, had nothing to do with Doug in any way. And we extend our deepest apologies to Doug Wortman and to our readers for the error, and are taking steps to ensure such an error does not occur again in the pages of the Nevada Daily Mail and have corrected the error on the Nevada Daily Mail's Web site.

Lynn A. Wade

Regional Managing Editor