Arcadia man wins $55,000 Show Me Cash Jackpot

Friday, September 17, 2010
Kevin Cheaney of Arcadia plans to have some fun with the $55,000 jackpot he won.

A state employee is the latest Missouri Lottery player to win a Show Me Cash jackpot. Kevin Cheaney of Arcadia was working at Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park during Labor Day weekend. But that gave him the opportunity to stop for Lottery tickets on the way home. A stop on Friday garnered one $55,000 winning Show Me Cash jackpot ticket. A second stop at County Mart, Highway 21 and 72 in Arcadia, yielded the knowledge of his win. "Mega Millions was on for Friday night, so I bought a dollar on each one," explained Cheaney. "Saturday night about 5:15, 5:20, I went to the local store. I was going to buy tickets for Saturday's game and I was going to go to church. I gave him the Mega Millions, which was not a winner, and then this one popped up $55,000 winner, check at Lottery office or something. I thought, 'Huh?'"

Sure enough, the habit of buying a $1 Quick Pick ticket for every drawing paid off handsomely for the 59-year-old maintenance worker. The clerk handed him a printout that confirmed it. Cheaney went on to church that night and finished working the busy holiday weekend, bragging only a little to friends and colleagues.

"My wife was up in St. Louis, and when I called her, my ear is still ringing!" he declared. "We've been married 40 years. She thought I was pulling a fast one at first, but now she knows it's not, because she's seen the ticket." He journeyed to the St. Louis Lottery office on Sept. 7 to claim his prize. Cheaney said the money would be used to "pay off his truck" and "put a little back." Some will be used to have some fun, a good Christmas, and probably even a trip for the family.

"I've got four kids and 14 grandkids. We're talking about going on a vacation somewhere. My wife mentioned the Wisconsin Dells," related Cheaney.

This isn't the first big win for Cheaney. He won $5,000 on a Scratchers ticket last year. He said his wife, Cynthia, will be joining him for a cruise soon that was paid for by his last Lottery win.

"Well, I won $5,000, now this is $55,000. I just told my buddy, 'Well, maybe I'll win $5.5 million next time!'" he joked.

Show Me Cash is a daily Numbers Game with jackpots that start at $50,000 and grow until someone wins. Between now and Oct. 11, players who purchase a $1 Show Me Cash ticket for the current draw will receive a Bonus Raffle ticket for the "Back to Vegas" promotion. Players will have the chance to win a trip for two to Las Vegas. To learn more about Show Me Cash or the "Back to Vegas" promotion, visit

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