Tickets February 14-February 16

Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 14

John D. Kehrman, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

February 15

Michael E. Cartwright, Nevada, expired license plate, failure to register vehicle.

Sherry F. Galster, Nevada, speeding 30/15.

Charles C. Gundy, Walker, Mo., expired license plate, no proof of insurance.

James E. Monroe Jr., Nevada, improper backing, failure to maintain lane, seat belt law.

Nora M. Quitno, Nevada, expired license plate.

James M.T. Tumm, Nevada, speeding 34/15.

February 16

Paul E. Adams, Greenfield, Mo., no proof of insurance.

Loren V. Cardella, Nevada, speeding 41/30, no proof of insurance.

Walker W. Embry, Columbia, Mo., excessive window tint.

Deidra M. Johnson, Nevada, failure to register vehicle, no valid operator's license.

Karlena A. Meister, Springfield, Mo., dog running at large.

Melissa R. Miller, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Stormy B. Miller, Nevada, expired license plate, borrowed/stolen plates.