Tickets August 9-August 16

Friday, August 26, 2011

August 9

Etta Sue Arndt, Adrian, Mo., expired license plate.

Elvin C. Coffman, Richards, Mo., expired license plate.

Anthony D. Mize, Bronaugh, Mo., speeding 50/40.

August 10

Tyler B. Breedlove, Jasper, Ark., speeding 46/30.

Steven M. Miller, Joplin, Mo., driving while intoxicated.

Caitlin T. Swopes, Nevada, expired license plate.

August 11

Cody L. Deornellis, Columbia, Mo., speeding 54/40.

Tony G. Ford, Rich Hill, Mo., speeding 58/40, no proof of insurance, borrowed/stolen plates, driving while revoked.

Terrie L. Ives, Nevada, no license plates.

Dustin C. Kelley, Nevada, speeding 48/30, seat belt law, no license plates, driving while intoxicated.

Jonathan C. Richards, Nevada, no valid operator's license.

August 12

Susan Rae Coon, Moundville, Mo., expired license plate.

Alex M. Hardin, Nevada, expired license plate, seat belt law.

August 13

Cody J. Boyd, Nevada, failure to register vehicle, no proof of insurance, driving while suspended.

Cole A. Cooper, Harwood, Mo., failure to maintain lane, no valid operator's license, minor in possession of tobacco products, driving while intoxicated.

Juana Miranda, Nevada, no child restraint, no valid operator's license.

August 14

Jerry W. Heath, Harwood, Mo., speeding 58/40.

August 15

Jodean K. Bunce, Nevada, no dog tag, dog running at large.

August 16

Robert F. Boudreau, Webb City, Mo., expired license plate.

Matthew E. Bruce, El Dorado Springs, Mo., expired license plate, no proof of insurance.

Andrew L. Gomez, Nevada, expired license plate, no proof of insurance.

Abigail L. Harrison, Nevada, expired license plate.