Tickets June 7-June 17

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 7

Robert Friedli, Nevada, expired license plate, driving while revoked.

Erika A. Gravely, Nevada, speeding 51/30.

James S. Krohn, Nevada, improper lane change, driving while intoxicated.

Brenda G. Petit, Bronaugh, Mo., driving while revoked.

June 8

Robin D. Hill, Blue Springs, Mo., no proof of insurance.

Marvin W. Rice, Buffalo, Mo., parked in fire lane.

June 9

Daniel F. Diya, Nevada, speeding 48/30.

Edwin S. Roof, Nevada, disorderly conduct.

Devon M. Spencer-Householder, Nevada, failure to register vehicle.

June 10

Robert M. Gibson, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Jessica L. Hamilton, Nevada, expired license plate.

Trent E. Hanes, Hume, Mo., expired license plate.

June 11

Lynda J. Lindsay, Nevada, no child restraint.

June 12

Jared C. Brundige, Nevada, no proof of insurance, expired license plate.

Steffan Lee Ogle, Nevada, speeding 59/30.

Neil Andrew Spires, Cassville, Mo., speeding 47/30.

June 17

Lauren A. Davis, Nevada, dog without current rabies vaccination, dangerous dog.