Letter to the Editor

Missouri voters spoke -- Republicans lose

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Missouri voters spoke -- Republicans lose

Dear Editor,

Counting myself, there have been three generations of my family that have lived in Nevada and Vernon County. Granted, the oldest generation was originally immigrants from Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky; one of the older ones left Patrick County, Va. to settle in Henry County, Mo., but they all came willingly and on horseback, so I am going to count them. They all worked hard I am told, and to my knowledge all stayed out of jail. A couple of them even liked mules. I learned from one of my history books that Missouri came into national attention as a major participant in the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which destined my family to settle south of the Missouri River. With this pedigree in place, may I be allowed to make a complaint?

What person or persons, all of whom I am sure are destined for supervisory positions in Hades, suggested that Congressman Todd Akin was fit to be a U.S. Senator? In addition, a Republican Senator at that. (Of course, I won't comment on his qualifications as a prospective Democratic candidate!) He has demonstrated that he lacks synapses between his frontal lobes and the flapping portion of his face, and his recent medical (sic) revelations about the concept of a "legitimate rape" of a woman will result in the successful election of his Democratic opponent for the U.S. Senate. With many, it will not put much of a polish on the Missouri medical profession either. Missouri until this development was on the threshold of wresting control from Hustling Harry Reid's Democratic Senate away from the grasp of the Campaigner-in-Chief. Now Missouri will go into history for the second time, but as the state that edged the U.S. economy over the fiscal cliff's edge into the abyss of financial Armageddon. (It is accepted generally that if Obama-san wins the presidential election, the Senate will likely remain in his camp. If he does not win but holds the Senate, it will not make much difference; nothing good ever comes from a Lame Duck administration and U.S. Senate. If Obama gets four more years in Air Force One, it makes the doctor's prognosis of one having only three more years to live take on a completely new significance.) Missouri had its chance to be the hero; for once, it should have listened to Gov. Sarah Palin, she told you about Akin. This affair establishes, finally, that there are three things certain in this life: Your demise, taxes and that the Republican Party can always screw up their election process. This election is not touch football. It's the NFL.

If it is any comfort, Western Montana's residential fugitives from a sinking California will likely succeed in retaining our sitting Democratic Senator. (You remember Californians; they are the folks that want to re-name the San Andreas Fault to the Bush's Fault). Montana allowed the adults to become out-numbered. I sincerely tried to sell the ranchers here on the idea of border fences, but No, they would not listen; they just kept on growling, "This is the Last Best Place."

Chow everyone, and Happy Trails. ("Chow" is Chinese for "Shut up and keep shoveling.")

Richard C. Coffman

Miles City, Mont.