Letter to the Editor

Vote no on out-of-state use tax

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dear Editor,

I believe your Wednesday, Oct. 24 article regarding the "out-of-state use tax" on the upcoming ballot leaves an incomplete and distorted view of what the actual proposal states. I would encourage a careful reading by all voters of the text contained on the ballot. Here are some salient points:

This is a NEW tax tied to the existing Vernon County sales tax. The rate will track that of the current 1 percent sales tax already in place, and will rise with it if increased.

This tax will be paid by the residents of Vernon County whenever they make a purchase from outside the state of Missouri. That's right, we will pay this tax, not some "other" out-of-state person.

This tax is applicable to all out-of-state purchases, including online (i.e. Amazon, e-Bay, etc.), when the annual total reaches $2,000 (see the second paragraph of the proposal). We will be required by law to voluntarily report and pay this tax if our out-of-state purchases, made over the course of an entire year, meet or exceed a combined total of $2,000. Beware, this $2,000 limit could always be lowered too.

The addition of this tax will not make us any more likely to make a purchase or buy a car here in Vernon County, we would anyway. The idea that there is a significant "tax advantage" to purchases made out-of-state is a simplistic and thin excuse for a new tax. Also, note that the estimated $57,000 in "revenue" to the county will be entirely paid by us, the residents of Vernon County. Please vote NO on the out-of-state use tax proposal on Nov. 6.

Thank You,

Al Van Nest