Letter to the Editor

They took God out of the schools; let's put guns in

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Editor:

As the senseless killing of innocent children and adults continues to escalate, seemingly without end, what are the so called law- makers doing?

They seem to be arguing like children over a box of toys. Short of total gun confiscation, which would be impossible, maybe the answer is to arm the teachers, principals, janitors, store owners and clerks, etc. A background check to buy a hand gun, would help ensure that they should be in our schools and stores and movie theaters. The eight hour gun safety course and what the laws are for a concealed carry permit, plus additional background checks would ensure responsible people.

I don't hear of shooter's going into police stations or sheriff's offices shooting everybody they can. Maybe they would think twice if they knew they might die before they became famous!

I would like to see this letter published in every newspaper in America.

Joe Smith

Milo, Mo.