Letter to the Editor

Alcohol sales in Nevada

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dear Editor

Has anyone noticed the continued increase of permits to sell alcohol in Nevada? I began noticing it a while back, when people would ask the city council to change the city code to permit additional sales of alcoholic beverages, even though we had already met Nevada's

quota. The most recent attempt is the wine-tasting establishment. Why does the city council keep changing the city code allowing additional sales of alcohol? Now, the parks board has requested and the city council has voted to allow the sale of alcohol at the golf course!

The parks board's reasoning was that, "There's a lot of money spent out at the course (for alcohol purchased elsewhere) and it's a shame not to get any of it." Now, that is a terrible shame, isn't it?

I also thought it was very interesting that they want to allow "the sale of intoxicating liquor at the Frank E. Peters Golf Course and delegate the parks board with the authority to regulate those sales "to ensure no beer or intoxicating liquor will be permitted on the golf course unless purchased on premises and consumption will be restricted and conditioned in a manner consistent with the city's responsibility to maintain the course." If they were unable to enforce the restriction of alcohol on the golf course in the past, it will be interesting to see how well they will be able to "ensure" this new policy. Don't you think the golfers will already have their beer iced down in their coolers before arriving?

I know that students are taught in school that alcohol is a drug, and they should be "Drug Free" so why does the city send out mixed messages to our children? There is talk now about having wine-tasting at the Farmers' Market. Really? What's next, selling alcohol at our Bushwhacker Days? The Youth Fair?

Terry Kitsmiller