Letter to the Editor

No to leash law

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dear Editor:

The city of Nevada has seen fit to make its citizens leash their dogs in city parks. I personally cannot remember being in a city that does not allow dogs and their owners to run free. I have been in parks in Kansas City, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Springfield and many other cities and always played with my dogs tossing Frisbees and balls: never saw a "NO FREE ROAMING DOG" sign. I love dogs; have two now and have always had at least one dog. I never saw a dog tear up, deface or steal park equipment. Some fine citizens of Nevada have done all of the above, maybe we should put a leash on them. Remember citizens who live just outside Nevada's city limits, one of these days the city will want us to vote ourselves into the city limits. This is just another reason to say no; along with their potholes, red signs in yards, city stickers, dog licenses, exorbitant water and sewer rates, city taxes and fees, etc. If someone put red signs in all the potholes in Nevada's streets it would look like flag day in China. Oh yeah, Paige, I have 10 acres just west of Nevada that you and your dog can enjoy anytime. It is OUTSIDE of the city limits.

Don Adams

Outside Nevada