Letter to the Editor

There needs to be some park where dogs can run free

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear Editor:

I run nearly every morning in Radio Springs Park with my black Labrador retriever. She has never challenged another dog or gone near a person. She loves to swim in the lake, chase squirrels, and she stays close to my side. She has never, ever attempted to attack another dog or a person.

I have personally had an encounter in this same park with an unsavory character who was a sexual pervert and ultimately ended up in the legal system. Having my dog with me makes me feel safer and provides a deterrent to anyone who might have a desire to harm me.

I have witnessed significant vandalism in this same park that has not been addressed to my knowledge. I suspect that if you gathered data on vandalism versus anecdotal evidence on some alleged dog "attack" that you would find much more proof of vandalism than proof of being harmed by someone's pet. I know that I have felt more threatened in this same park by individuals who had their rather vicious dogs on a leash than any unleashed dog.

I completely agree that an unleashed dog should "be under the owner's control" and perhaps there should be a couple of parks in Nevada that allow for this since there is not a dog park with an exercise trail available otherwise.

I tire of our culture making rules or laws for the 98 percent of us who follow the rules and cause no harm in order to punish the 2 percent of people who will break the rules or vandalize, etc., no matter what you decide.

If you enforce a leash law, then my dog will not be able to swim in the lake, run freely, and just enjoy being a dog because someone out there wants to control the few at the expense of the many. Please don't compromise my safety and limit our freedom to enjoy the beauty of the lakes and our parks.

Thank you,

Catherine Hissink