Letter to the Editor

Help us put the finishing touches on the Center for the Performing Arts

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dear Editor:

As a member of the R-5 Foundation Board, I want to comment on the new Center for the Performing Arts and highlight its importance to our community. I appreciate the opportunities that the Center provides us as local citizens to join in improving our school.

Nevada R-5 has a long, proud history of great instruction and great teachers in the disciplines in the performing arts. We have enjoyed the band, vocal music groups, theater events and speech and debate achievements by our children and their friends. My own two sons found their lives greatly enriched by such activities during their years in school at Nevada R-5. Their interests found expression through all of the performing arts areas offered, and they gained confidence, pride and satisfaction through their participation. Such positive experiences carry on to the next generation: I see my grandson's happy face listening to music with his father, and I thank the music teachers my son had to further that interest.

As good as our teachers in the performing arts have been over the years, we know that the facilities they had to use needed improvement. Those improvements are now becoming a reality.

The new Center for the Performing Arts is beautiful and first rate. Come visit, and you will be proud that we have this facility at our school in Nevada. Now is the time for people to join us in helping to put the finishing touches on this beautiful arts center. I urge you to get involved in helping to provide funding for some additional items, such as a new piano and other supporting resources for the center. Consider donations that would name seats after yourself or your children or family. With your help the final funding can be gathered to make this resource complete and completely fantastic.

Dr. Tom Bunton

R-5 Foundation