Letter to the Editor

What does your bully look like?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dear Editor:

Bullying has been on the news a lot lately and some people seem to think it is a new thing. Nothing new ever happens. The same things happen over and over, just to new people. Think back -- did you have any bullies in your life?

I met my first bully when I was 6 years old. He was a big red rooster that ruled the barnyard. About half the time when I had to go to the outhouse he would find me and wouldn't let me out.

If I tried to make a run for the house he would catch me and flag me with his wings and spurs. Sometimes he kept me in that outhouse for over an hour before he would give up and leave. He did help me learn to read however, because I spent most of that time reading what was left of the Sears catalog.

After a few of these experiences I decided I had all I could take and something had to be done. I found one of mom's old brooms and sawed off the handle for my weapon. I put on a pair of dad's gun boots, stuck the broom handle down in one, and headed for the outhouse. Sure enough here came the rooster. When he got up close enough I rapped him up beside the head and dough reeled him about 15 feet.

He started flopping around and it looked like I might have killed him. After about 5 or 10 minutes he got his bearings and headed out. He never bothered me again.

The next bully I came across when I was about 12. There was a strict rule in school about fighting. You had the choice of a whipping or no recess for two weeks. This kid was a real thorn in my side and finally I had all I could take.

It was raining that day and we had to stay inside in a gym about the size of Walker's old gym. He hit me in the back with a basketball and the fight was on. We fought so long that neither of us could hold up our arms.

The teachers came in and watched without saying a word. When it was over no one got whipped or stayed in after school. He never bothered me again.

In those days we had choices and understood the consequences. The question is the same now as then. Do you continue to be abused and controlled or do you risk the consequences and stand up for yourself?

Now our bullies are much bigger and more of them. If we had stood up for ourselves 45 years ago our country would be in a lot better shape than it is now. The risk got too big. We became politically correct and willing to accept the loss of our personal freedoms rather than speak up.

Our fathers and uncles took on several bullies like Hitler and Japan. They won, but they paid the price. We are now fighting a war against terrorism with rules of engagement that won't let us win.

Bullies like Iran, Korea, Russia, China, and our own government are taking control of our very lives. They have a hand in everything we do -- even to the point where they tell us what health insurance to buy, what coverage we need, and what we will pay.

How long are you going to let that rooster keep you in the outhouse Froggy?

Those old outhouses smelled terrible and sometimes had snakes -- remember?

Wilbur Smith