Letter to the Editor

Students need protection from abuse

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dear Editor

I was a resident of Nevada for six years, during which time my daughter attended and graduated from Cottey College. And now, two of her sisters are attending. As an alumnus of Cottey myself, I was proud to send my daughters there, and as a resident of Nevada I was proud it was a part of our community.

I am no longer proud! I have become aware of how dangerous it has become for the girls that attend the college. Not only are they subjected to the almost daily taunts and verbal abuse from drivers going past the school, but that there are a number of students in the past few years, as well as this year, that have allegedly been victims of sexual assault.

I am concerned that a college that speaks of empowering young women would tolerate their students being treated this way. I am concerned that a town that should be proud of Cottey College instead pretends there is no problem.

The people of Nevada should be ashamed.

Debbie Morrison