Letter to the Editor

Rusty wanted no special recognition for his volunteer work

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dear Editor,

This past Saturday, family and friends gathered to laugh, cry, swap stories and to say goodbye to Rusty Murry.

Rusty wanted "no fuss" over his passing, but a time of remembrance was needed for those left behind. Collectively, many described Rusty as strong-willed and even stubborn. He would have agreed with that.

No one beats cancer twice without a strong will to survive. But this time, the third time, even he felt he didn't have it in him for one more fight.

Rusty was college-educated, a military veteran, an avid hunter and fisherman. He loved the great outdoors and shared that experience with many family members and friends.

As one person recalled, Rusty was a wealth of useless knowledge and trivia. I'd just call him smart, very smart. Rusty had a dry wit and loved to laugh, but not at another person's expense.

He was an avid volunteer, but wanted no special recognition for his service. The Vernon County Cancer Relief volunteers know what a hard worker Rusty was. He will be truly missed, but I don't feel anyone could ever replace him.

Finally, one person said of Rusty that he wanted nothing more of you to be his friend, but to be a friend in return. Well done, good and faithful servant, well done.

Ronald D. Schowengerdt, D.D.S.