Letter to the Editor

Law enforcement actions, protocol have changed over the years

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dear Editor:

A recent article in your paper caught my eye.

Our chief sent an officer to class for five days for "Crisis Intervention Team" training. The officer will be wearing an insignia with "CIT" on their uniform to let unstable people know they are there to help them. I guess the unstable person won't notice the bulletproof vest, stun gun, billy club, 15-shot handgun, leather gloves, leather boots or handcuffs.

I think that in my late teens and early 20s, we knew most policemen and they knew us as well. We may not have waved at each other, but we nodded in respect.

Seems to me most of our police and most law enforcement are totally out of control. When we see an officer, even if we are doing nothing wrong, we hit the brakes and don't make eye contact.

Most of what we see police doing these days is throwing people around, kicking in doors, slamming people the ground and screaming "stop resisting."

Yep, that little CIT pin should calm us all.

Don Adams