Letter to the Editor

Center High's impressions of Nevada High School's football team and fans

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Editor's note: The following was sent to Nevada High Athletic Director John McNeley.

Dear Editor:

Welcome to the West Central! I think the football game was our first conference contest.

The outcome of the game might not have been what your team was looking for, but I thought I would share with you things I saw before, during, and after the game.

When I greeted your team off the bus each coach came over and shook my hand. Both of your bus drivers introduced themselves.

As I escorted your team to the locker room, I commented to one of your players how nice the team looked in their traveling polo shirts. At least 15 kids that heard me said "thank you."

Our ticket lady at your gate told me how nice all of your fans were and mentioned the nice comments they made concerning Center taking in school supplies.

I saw many times on the field where players from both teams extended a hand to help the opposing team up.

I believe three times as I walked through the crowd, your fans stopped me and told me what nice facilities we have at Center.

During the rain delay, both teams' cheerleaders were together in our small gym. After five minutes, they were all talking and laughing, exchanging numbers, and taking pictures together.

I was so impressed with your fans coming down on the track after the game. Not only were they applauding for your boys, but there were numerous handshakes and "good game" said to Center players and coaches.

Was the outcome what you wanted? I would say the outcome was EXACTLY what you wanted!

Please share this with your team, coaches, administrators, and fans and tell them thank you from Center.

We'll see you down the road, and we're hoping for a long Center/Nevada relationship!

Brad Sweeten

Center HS Athletic Director