Letter to the Editor

Uncaring driver left void by killing family pet

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dear Editor:

This is a real difficult letter to write. It is about the loss of our beautiful yellow lab. On Sept. 24, I had a sad knock on our door. My neighbor from the north had stopped to make us aware that the dog had been killed by a vehicle. It appeared that the vehicle that hit him had been traveling north. It happened between 7:30 and 8:15 a.m.

I really hope that it was an accident and not on purpose. We have some real speed demons that travel on this end of 1925 Road. We would really appreciate it if the one who did it would show some feeling or concern. Why didn't they at least come to the door and tell us what happened?

We can understand how accidents happen, but this 100-pound dog was a big part of our lives for the last seven years, a great friend and playmate to friends and neighbors, also.

We did try to teach Scooter to stay out of the road, but I guess he thought we were wrong. Unfortunately, he paid the ultimate price and caused sadness to anyone who had ever known him.

We realize that this probably seems very odd and unimportant to some people -- but I think that anyone who had ever met Scooter or has ever lost a pet by illness, or this way, would feel the same way as we do. I do hope this letter will help us get some relief from our sadness and heartache.

Mike and Mary Jenkins