Letter to the Editor

Easter Bunny

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dear Editor

In the early 1950s my two kids, Myra, 7, and Ted, 4, asked, "Mom if Easter is about Jesus, where did we get this rabbit stuff?"

So I wrote this for them.

The First Easter Bunny

A small brown rabbit that first Easter morn

Sat by a rock, alone and forlorn.

One wee bunny paw was swollen and sore

Infected from thorns on the Friday before.

But who was to know and who was to care

'Bout the thorn in the foot of one little hare?

When loud from the depths a great roar came

He wished he could run, but he was too lame.

So he cowed by the tomb and waited with fear

Not knowing a miracle was happening here.

His hands were scarred but gentle and kind.

The thorn was removed and the bunny felt fine!

With God-given knowledge the rabbit did know

Miracles like this don't come from below.

So each Easter morning all hopping and gay,

The bunny tries the debt to repay.

The gift of the healing his life did bestow

From the hands of the Savior so long long ago.

Wanda F. Abele