Letter to the Editor

Living conditions at core of inner city turmoil, not law enforcement

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dear Editor:

The current war on law enforcement officers throughout America, particularly in the large cities and urban areas, is something that every American needs to be concerned about.

Policemen and other law enforcement officers are being ambushed and shot in cold blood by lawless thugs, drug dealers, gang members, and assorted other illiterate, unemployed, and sub-culture criminals.

Sadly, the rhetoric against law enforcement people, especially urban policemen, can be found all the way from the White House, the U.S. Attorney General, to the liberal city politicians in the large urban centers of America.

Americans who love their country and wish to have a secure future for their children need to stand up and be counted on the side of law enforcement officers across every town, village, and city of America.

This country is showing signs of anarchy and it is being encouraged at the highest levels of government.

Cold-blooded cop killers who are convicted under due process of the U.S. Constitution must receive the death penalty and this without long protracted litigation in the courts.

The American taxpayers should not pay for these criminals to sit for a lifetime in a comfortable prison watching a flat screen TV, eating three square meals a day and receiving better medical treatment than millions of Americans can afford.

God gave us the perfect remedy for the crime of murder in (Genesis 9:6): "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man."

The death penalty is confirmed in the New Testament in (Romans 1:32). The killing of another person is never justified except as a last resort in defense of life and property, waging justified war that threatens the security of the homeland, or for capital crimes when convicted under due process.

Well-trained law enforcement personnel know that they only use a lethal weapon within well-defined rules. The fact that a criminal class in America is armed to the teeth is all the more reason why all Americans should be thankful to the Founding Fathers for the Second Amendment.

A lawful government should never fear guns in the hands of its citizens. If America continues to move toward anarchy, the Second Amendment will become profoundly important.

The events in both Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, Md., have resulted in renewed racial polarization in this country. The explosive rhetoric that has erupted in the wake of the foregoing events has ratcheted up the tension in the population centers all across America.

The high density black population in the large urban centers of America, with fatherless, militant youth, accustomed to high unemployment (soaring to 35 percent and beyond), gang warfare, drugs of every kind, and crimes of violence that results in multiple deaths of blacks killing blacks in every major American city on a daily basis is well documented.

More blacks were killed by other blacks in Chicago in the past 10 years than American casualties in the war in Afghanistan. Many American cities are time bombs waiting for the right spark that will ignite the frustration and hopelessness found there.

Baltimore and a score of other large cities across America are the final fruition on the War on Poverty that began under President Johnson back in 1964-65. There is a higher percentage of blacks living in poverty in 21st Century America than there was in 1965. The Welfare State that has grown out of the War on Poverty has created the largest concentration of frustrated welfare recipients in the annals of history.

Welfare payments to single women increase with each child born and has created a black population explosion in most of the large cities.

Millions of children are being raised without fathers. More than 65 percent of all black children are raised by single mothers.

More than $21 trillion has been pumped into the large urban areas of America since 1965. Giant infusions of federal dollars has solved nothing and created a gargantuan problem that few politicians know how to solve. More money infused into these American cities only exacerbates the problem.

Please remember that every law enforcement officer who wears a uniform begins their day without knowing if this will be their last.

Support your local police and pray God they stay alive.

Dan Gayman