Letter to the Editor

Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher pays tribute on Memorial Day

Friday, May 29, 2015

Dear Editor:

When I see the American Flag, I feel sadness because so many people have given their lives so that it may fly. I feel happiness because I know that tomorrow I will awaken to another day in a free country where anything is possible.

I feel scared, because so many people do not respect the sacrifices that were paid to protect our freedoms and do not realize how easily they can be lost.

I feel hope, because there are still men and women that are willing to stand up and fight to ensure our future generations enjoy the same freedoms we have today.

I feel humbled, because I am fortunate enough to be able to call myself an American and live in a country that has been blessed by God.

But most of all, I am proud. I am proud because my flag has been attacked by enemy forces, burned, trampled and spit upon by haters, and yet my flag still flies.

Sealed by the blood of American heroes, and marked by the graves of fallen soldiers; because of them, our flag still flies and our freedom lives on.

Sheriff Jason Mosher