Letter to the Editor

911 sales tax is not needed -- tighten belt instead

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dear Editor:

If my memory serves me correctly we defeated a "911" tax a few years ago. At that time, we were told they needed the tax to name and number all residences in Vernon County. Without the tax they said this couldn't be done. Well, they did name and number the roads and without the tax. The person they hired to do the naming is still working at the courthouse full-time years after the job's completion and now he even has a full-time assistant.

Again our leaders are saying they need a tax increase to run the "911" service. Our officials say they have to wait sometimes to get a response for the radio calls. I personally have called 667-6042, which is answered by the "911" operators, more than 150 times in the past 10 years at all hours of the night and have NEVER had to wait for an operator, EVER. I don't know what they expect the operators to do, maybe hold their hand.

I would like to know how many cell phones are being paid for by taxpayers for the police department, sheriff's office, fire department, the Vernon County Courthouse, the ambulance barn and city hall. How many cars/trucks are owned by the departments including trailers, boats, 4-wheelers, pickups, etc., of the ambulance barn? What are the taxpayers' costs for all the Internet services held by all the departments?

It is my belief that thousands of dollars could be saved by a little belt tightening. If you read the Daily Mail regularly you will see many real estate foreclosures in the past few years. People need relief, not another new tax.

Thank you

Don Adams

P.S. Departments, please come forward before the election and tell the taxpayers how many cell phones, vehicles you have and the annual cost of your Internet service. This should include the Vernon County Bridge Department and city Alliance group.