Letter to the Editor

Cut spending, new city, county, school buildings, ambulance equipment wasteful

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dear Editor:

Now that the voters have soundly defeated the 911 tax, our city manager says, "we're going to have to wind it up" in reference to the dispatch center. This is "the sky is falling approach" from one of our leaders.

Let the Fire Department, Sheriff's Department, Police Department, City Hall, Vernon County leadership, and the Ambulance Board look for ways to cut expenses. Tell the voters where your department can cut and show us some initiative to save taxpayer funds.

A new fire station, new police station, new community center, new sheriff's office and jail, and new high school buildings. We have spent millions and millions and the spending must end.

Monday, the day before the election, I saw a new white 4x4 Dodge pickup traveling west on Austin Blvd hauling a stainless steel big barbecue grill, both of which are very expensive. The pickup had Vernon County Ambulance District lettering and tags displayed. Either the taxpayers own a grill, are paying for the fuel to haul a grill, or are just being duped.

Just maybe the ambulance district bought a stainless steel grill to go with all the ambulances, jeeps, 4-wheelers, boats, jet skis, trailers and pickup trucks it owns.

Ambulances are also used like personal taxis driven all over town to grocery stores, Wal-Mart, etc., using the taxpayers' dime to operate. I personally have seen an ambulance at the rural water district building east of Nevada so the driver or his assistant could pay his personal water bill.

Remember when we didn't have 911? The response time was about 10 to 45 minutes to an hour or more? The response times are still about the same in 2015 after spending lots on 911. Where is the progress?

In a related matter, this election cost taxpayers just shy of $27,000 according to the Vernon County Clerk. I was also told if it had been added to the November ballot the cost would have been minimal, mostly just the cost of adding the wording to the ballot.


Don Adams