Letter to the Editor

Trump has it right with stance on immigration

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dear Editor:

Since President Obama wants to blame guns for Islamic terrorist killings, he should consider that guns do not have any motive. They are only the tool of those who have evil motives like the Islamic terrorist. I suggest he truly loves guns. Look at it this way. Do you suppose he would instruct the Secret Service to disarm themselves as he wants Americans disarmed? No way!

This makes President Obama a hypocrite because he enjoys the protection of guns that he desires to deny Americans. Mr. Donald Trump, on the other hand, sees guns in their true light; therefore, he supports the Second Amendment and has a concealed carry permit.

Speaking of Islamic terrorism, this is something Mr. Trump also understands like the Second Amendment. He sees Islamic terrorism as warfare and a genuine threat to America. He, therefore, has proposed a halt to Muslims entering the United States until the situation can be better understood; which is only common sense, for a Muslim may be a potential terrorist.

Trump's suggestion is a pro-American view, not a politically correct one. This view is showing that other Republican candidates and leaders in the party do not put America first by their attack of his Muslim proposal.

This is what Trump said that he would like to see: "A total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on." I believe that I am not alone in supporting this position of Trump. He says what many Americans think and talk about among their friends. Further, the San Bernardino shooting has, again, proven that terrorists get into the country regardless of vetting efforts. The only common sense thing to do is support Trump's proposal to halt entry of Muslims into America.

Mr. Trump is showing the Republican Party leaders for what they have been and are: "two faced." Many say what Republican voters what to hear and then, when in office, act like Democrats. The National Republican Party puts on a fake conservative face in that what you see is not what you get.

Mr. Trump is the most pro-American candidate in my lifetime of 74 years. I will vote for him because of this. He gets things done, and I believe he says what he means. He has proven to me to truly love America and wants the best for her. His candidacy has put his life on the line. He is a brave man. America needs a leader of pro-American vision. She needs an honest-speaking man with proven successes throughout America and the world, far beyond our current community organizer occupying the White House.

Gray Clark