Letter to the Editor

More questions about VCAD

Friday, February 12, 2016

Dear Editor:

The city of Nevada, in all of its wisdom, is now running a taxi service. The city has done such a great job of putting red flags in yards and fixing pot holes in the street, they now think they can run a taxi service.

Probably won't be long before they will get Kleenexes and bring them to our home when we have runny noses. Heck, they will probably wipe our noses for us. Question: what were these city employees' important jobs, for which taxpayers were already paying them, before they became taxi drivers?

While I'm at it, the Ambulance district is in big trouble to the tune of some $400,000. The lawyer that has been giving them advice the past few years is still on the job (and giving legal advice). The bookkeeper who has been counting the beans is still on the job, and is doing the audit to find the missing money.

He didn't notice the missing money the past two years while auditing, but we the taxpayers are paying him to audit his own audits. Seems to me it should be time for new legal adviser and auditor.

Don Adams