Bob and Linda Barnes -- 50 years

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bob and Linda met during high school and were married on July 2, 1966. Bob knew Linda was "the one" when he saw her lifeguarding at the Oswego, Kan., swimming pool. He continued to go to the swimming pool despite being kicked out by Linda for "acting up."

Bob and Linda Barnes have made an amazing life for themselves and their children. They have given their girls,Tracy Barnes and Lori Bures, all the love in the world and a strong sense of family. Bob and Linda complement each other in every way. Linda's optimism keeps Bob's realism from being too negative. They've shared anniversary trips for the last 16 years with their precious grandson, Robert. He is their biggest happiness. He is their heart's true love besides each other and their daughters.

As important as their family is, so is their sense of community. Linda may be seen out and about more often but, Bob is in the background always supporting everything Linda does. They are true soulmates.

For their 25th wedding anniversary, they did something very special. They opened The Barnes Company, Linda S. Barnes, Real Estate. For the first time in their married life, they shared home and office. Today the office will celebrate its 25th anniversary while Bob and Linda enjoy a special trip for just the two of them.

Linda says, "Besides Tracy and Lori and their grandson, Robert, the best thing is that in this life, she was loved by him."